Please Review these Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What is a Mobile App?  a Mobile Site?  Why do I need these ?


A Mobile App (or Mobi App)  is a computer program designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices.

A Mobile Site (or Mobi Site) is a web page that is optimized to display on mobile devices, which have different screen resolutions and sizes than desktop computer screens.

Why:  You may already have a web page for your small business; however, it may not have been designed to display on mobile devices. You can easily check, grab a smartphone and surf over to your web site thru the device browser.  Type in the Web Address and let it load.  How does it look ? If everything displays fine and navigation is easy to see your content, then your web page is probably at least already mobi-ready.  If your web page does not display very well, you need to update your web page to a Mobi Site. And, to make it super easy for your customers & prospects to access your page on their Mobile devices, you need a Mobi App.

Here at Express App, we help you deploy your  Mobile Strategy by providing Mobi Apps that are integrated with Mobi Sites to enable easy access to your web pages displaying on All Types of Devices.

More Reading:

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“6 Reasons You Need  A Mobile Strategy”  http://www.inc.com/ss/6-reasons-why-you-need-a-mobile-strategy

“Mobile App Types”  http://www.nngroup.com/articles/mobile-native-apps/

2) Who are your customers at Express App?

  • Small Business Owners
  • Recording Artists
  • Visual Artists
  • Bands
  • Associations & Groups

3) What services do you provide at Express App ?

Express App creates & offers an Express Starter Package to enable small business owners & artists to get their Mobile Android App and Mobi Site up and running fast. Its a Simple 1-2-3 process:

  • Order Online & Send us your graphics and text content; for Artists, also need  links to your Reverbnation and Facebook pages (we can help). If you already have an old web site that needs to be updated, send us the link.
  • We create a professional responsive Mobi Website optimized to display on all tablets, phones, desktops & notebooks.
  • We create a professional Android Mobile Application that ties directly to your Mobi WebSite.
  • Our Guaranteed Delivery is 7 working days;  Super Express 48 hour Turnaround Service is optional.
  • We provide Free Training to enable you to make future updates to your content

4)  Are there ongoing Fees ?

No Monthly Hosting Fees!  Zero. EVER.  We sell our Starter Package at a ONE TIME reasonable fixed price.

You get your mobile web strategy solved…FAST…so you can focus on all the other priorities. And we teach you how to do future updates to your content. All with no monthly hosting or subscription fees. Promise!

5) Wait, there are other companies that have “Free” offers for Mobile Apps ?  What’s Up ?

Somewhere,  at one point, a very wise man once said “Free is the Most Expensive”. Don’t Buy The Hype.

Many of those “other companies” with the “Free” deal have some type of catch. Of course. . . “no free lunch”. ..Look a little closer — to get what we offer from those “other companies” …it’s going to cost you on average $60 ~$120 per month. Over 10 years, you could spend well over $14,400 for that “Free” deal. By contrast, Express App clients typically  invest around $800 to get all that plus way more.  One Time Payment & DONE.

Check that Math one more time and you will see…Express App is the real deal!

6) Do You Support Apple iOS Apps?

Our Mobi Sites work fine on all Apple Devices. We are planning iOS Express Packages with iOS Platform Apps for late 2014.

7) We need a more complex solution than your Starter Package – can you help ?

Maybe, contact us, explain what you want to do and lets take a look.

8)  We  already have a Mobile APP but now want to make changes — can you help?

Perhaps, contact us, explain what you want to do and lets take a look.

MORE Questions ?  NO PROBLEM, contact the Express APP Team Today!

device_support Here To Help


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